Where and How Can You Recycle Your Mobile Phone?


Smartphones have become a universal means to access the online community and to communicate with others. As thee clever gadgets seem to advance at a breakneck pace, a model that would have been considered the top of the line only a few years ago can quickly become outdated and irrelevant. As opposed to simply allowing the phone to gather dust in a vacant corner of your home, why not choose a mobile phone recycling programme? This method is becoming quite popular, and for good reason. Statistics have shown that for every 42 recycled phones, enough energy is accreted to power an average home for a year. Let’s take a look at how you can access this environmentally friendly option.

How Does the Process Take Place?

While we will not get into the technical details of recycling, the first step obviously needs to be taken by you as the consumer. It is wise to perform an online search utilising a generic terms such as “smartphone recycling UK”. You will come across various websites and it is best to choose trusted service providers such as Sellmymobile.co.uk. While these firms are more than happy to take older models, we should also mention that you will be able to receive handsome cash rewards for recent units such as the popular iPhone 7. After physically shipping the phone to the firm, you will receive its equivalent cash value (usually in the form of a wire transfer).

Once the phone is received by the firm ,it will be sent off to one of many regional recycling centres. These locations break the phone down into its core components and valuable materials are thereafter extracted. These include aluminium, stainless steel, silver and even gold. Such metals will then be melted down and used to create new phones. In fact, the chances are high that your present phone contains significant amounts of recycled substances. The main advantage is that you are protecting the environment. The ability to reuse materials also helps to lower the aggregate cost of new models.

Local Recycling Centres?

A study performed by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) found that up to 60 per cent of all consumers fail to recycle their phones due to the simple fact that they are unsure which compaines offer these services. Some are also concerned that their private data will not be adequately destroyed. Assuming that you live in a large urban centre such as London or Birmingham, it could be a good idea to take a look at physical recycling companies within your community. You can visit their place of business and ask any questions by speaking to a trained representative. The final option is to see whether or not there are local collection centres which allow you to simply drop your phone in a local bin. Although this might not be best if you have an iPhone 7, older models from years in the past are perfectly suited for this alternative.

Perform Your Research

When searching for any product or service, performing an adequate amount of research in advance is always a good idea. This same principle holds true in regards to mobile phone recycling techniques. Still, there are always a number of possibilities at your disposal. Online portals offering cash for your phone and physical recycling hubs are two common methods to keep in mind. Not only will you be providing a service to the environment, but you could very well be rewarded with a tidy sum of money for your gadget.



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