Is It Time To Find A New Sim Only Contract?

What is a Sim Only contract?
In simple words, a sim only contract is one where you purchase a sim card, alone, for the services it offers. You can choose a sim from a network company that offers the best coverage and best price and club it with a phone of your liking. E.G do you wanted an umlimited data plan with the Samsung Galaxy unlimited plan ? It gives you the freedom of investing in the latest phone without being tied up to a particular network for years.

Of course, the initial cost of buying an unlocked phone is a pinch on the pocket but you will soon realize that you end up saving money, over the years, when you choose this option. If you do the math and compare both alternatives, you’ll see that you eventually lose money at the end of the contract term. Not only do you lose money but also your freedom, because, on a contract, you are bound by the terms and conditions laid out by the cell phone provider.

Here are a few reasons to opt for a Sim Only contract –

1. Freedom –
On a single sim contract, you’re not bound to keep your phone for 2 to 3 years. If a new phone is launched in the market and you really want to try it out, you’re free to sell your existing phone and get the new one. In fact, you can use the money from selling your old phone to cover a part of the cost of the new phone.

2. Flexibility –
Most of the sim cards are on a rolling one month contract, which means you can change your network provider for little or no penalty. This feature gives you the option to buy a local sim card and save on phone bill if you’re travelling to another country. Thus, you have a plethora of options and are not restricted in any way.

3. Savings –
The very best aspect of getting a sim, by itself, is that it is significantly cheaper. You only have to pay a monthly fee for calls, texts and data as the price of the phone is out of the picture. It is a lesser burden on the pocket as compared to paying for the phone as well as all the services, on a monthly basis. Moreover, if you calculate the total cost involved in both the options, over the length of the contract, you’ll find that a sim only contract is much cheaper.

4. Port your number –
If you want to keep your existing phone number, you can simply get the PAC (Porting Authorization Code) from your old network provider and give it to the new one, and they will port it for you. It is a simple and fast process that makes the sim only deal more practical.

5. Keep it simple while you’re waiting –
If your contract has expired and the latest phone that you have your eyes on has still not been launched, you can just buy a sim for the interim period. In case you have a decent phone and don’t want to upgrade, you can keep the unlocked phone along with the sim till the next big thing arrives in the market! This way you won’t have to worry about big monthly bills and will pay the same small amount regularly.

So next time you’re in the market for a new phone, do consider this option for overall savings and all the other benefits!


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