The Best Iphone Deals of 2018


The Iphone has become one of the most popular, if not the most popular, smartphones around. The reality is however this is no inexpensive purchase. The current average price of an Iphone is £687. Apple recently released their 10th anniversary phone that retails at £1000. Many carriers have come up with payment plans to help customers but they are still quite expensive. Fortunately there are some deals out there to help customers cut cost and get the smartphone of their dreams. If you are in the market, here are some of the best deals of 2018 so far.

For those not willing to for over the 1000 bucks for and Iphone X there are some great deals available for the Iphone 8. This is Apple’s newest model and is very comparable to the X model. Outside of wireless charging and some new emojis, the features of the two phone are almost identical. If you are in the market for two phones, T Mobile will give you £700 off a second iPhone 8 when buy the first and trade-in a Iphone 7 or newer model. If you are getting the Iphone 8 64gb model that is the equivalent of getting one phone free.

Like TMobile, Verizon will not offer a discount on a single Iphone 8 purchase. However if you trade in your old phone and sign up for their unlimited plan you can save some money. Verizon will give you 50% off for payments of £18.96 for the Iphone 8 64GB and £25.20 for the 256GB. Furthermore if you switch from another carrier, you will receive a £150 prepaid card.

Just like the previously mentioned carriers, Sprint does not offer a direct discount on the iphone 8. However they do have select BOGO deals that can offer tremendous savings. You can get a monthly credit if you lease and iPhone 8 for 18 months. The lease would be for a 64GB iPhone 8 lease. These leases are a part of Sprint’s iPhone Forever program. With this program anytime after 12 months, you can purchase the phone that you are currently leasing by either paying off the balance or trading it in for a new model.

Not as popular as the other companies, Boost Mobile may be the best place to go for a deal on an Iphone 8. Boost Mobile is the only carrier to direct discount on the Iphone 8. Boost will give you £100 off either the 64GB or the 256Gb model. You do have to pay for the phone upfront, which may be challenging for some people. The phone can only be unlocked after one year of service.

If you are ok with an older model phone the Iphone 7 may be a better buy for you. There are a number of deals for the Iphone 7 and customers can find some major savings. You will lost out on a few features but you still will one of the better phones on the market. To put is simply, this phone is no slouch. Its features include A 2.34 GHz dual-core CPU, 2GB to 3GB of RAM and much much more. Currently you can purchase a refurbished Iphone 7 for only £499 from Apple’s website. This is for the 32Gb model. An excellent phone and it comes from Apple. The same phone is available at £599 for the plus model. If you are looking for an even bigger savings there are some even better deals from other sources. Currently Amazon offers for as low as £499 for a plus model. The cheapest regular model is currently £544. Either way Amazon can be a great source for finding deals. One final source is ebay. Currently you can an iphone 7 plus on ebay for £450.

You don’t have to pay top dollar in order to own a phone. The main thing is to do your research and look around. If you are patient and willing to look you can find some great deals.


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