9 Ways to Use Your Old Phone


That glorious moment of getting a new phone leaves you with one problem–what to do with your old one? While most of us add our old mobile phone to a growing collection of outdated models, there are a few other options for those of us looking for a way to efficiently recycle used cell phones. Read on for the best ways you can make new use of your phone after an upgrade.

  1. Say “Hello” to Your New Alarm Clock

While you can certainly use your new phone’s alarm, you can put your older model to use by giving it the new responsibility of waking you up each morning. You can use the native alarm feature on your old mobile phone or download alarm apps that add a certain kick to your daily routine.

  1. Install a New Security Camera with Your Phone

Your phone can act as a handheld security camera. With certain apps, you can set up your Skype account to automatically answer video calls. With your phone setup facing your room, door, or pets, you can call from anywhere, using your old phone to check in on things at home.

  1. Turn Your Phone into a Baby Monitor

You don’t have to rely on a baby monitor to check in on your child. With an old phone and certain apps, you can set your old model up to alert your new phone if your baby starts to wake up.

  1. Give Your Kids a Digital Reader

With a reading app, you can use your old phone as a digital reader. Since kids love playing on phones, you can leave them with a new way to read their favourite books. With so many apps available designed to help kids learn, your children will have several options.

  1. Donate Your Old Cell Phone

A great way for you to recycle your old phone is to donate it. Several organisations accept old phones that they then refurbish and give to people in need. Certain organisations like Cell Phones for Soldiers will provide troops with prepaid calling cards, as well as donating funding to veterans. Similarly, HopeLine is another great organisation that gives cell phones to survivors of domestic abuse.

  1. Sell Your Phone

Depending on the condition of your old cell phone, your best option for recycling it might be to sell it. If your old phone looks lightly used and is a relatively new model, you may be able to make a fairly good sale with your phone. Try selling through a site like eBay, Craigslist or sellmymobile.com to make sure you get the most for your phone.

  1. Use Your Phone as a Music Player

Transforming your old phone into a music player is another great way to make use of your former phone. Whether your use wifi to stream music or you listen to your favourite iTunes playlists, using your phone just for music frees up space on your new phone. You’ll be able to have the mp3 player of your dreams with your old phone.

  1. Track Your Car

If your phone is still in working condition you can keep in the back of your car in case of an emergency. If you ever forget where you parked or fear your car has been stolen, you can track your old phone to locate it. Put your phone on a cheap plan to make sure it stays in use in the event that you ever need to use it.

  1. Become a Phone Photographer

You probably are already using your new phone to take photos, but don’t neglect your old phone. Using your old phone just for its camera will free up space on your new one while letting your experiment and explore with phone photography.

Don’t throw your old phone away if you don’t have to. If your phone is still usable, let these nine ideas inspire you to put it to good use.


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