Where To Recycle Your Old Devices


    Because of the hype and excitement surrounding new models of technology, people are quick to forget about their old devices. Apartments and homes throughout the United Kingdom are littered with outdated or unused computers, tablets, smartphones and music players. Tech giants like Apple and Samsung have created a loyal base of consumers that are always excited to upgrade to the next model or new device. This leaves older, perfectly functioning devices sitting around at home not in use. Instead of letting those devices rot away, there are viable ways to get rid of them. Here are some places to recycle an old device.


    1. Apple GiveBack


    Apple has taken notice of the epidemic that is sweeping across the UK. With millions of devices laying around, there is so many potential materials to be recycled. To help combat this issue of waste, Apple has launched the GiveBack program. Through this initiative, Apple is giving customers a chance to turn in their older devices in exchange for in-store credit. The best part about this program is that nearly all brands of devices qualify. Instead of making the recycling exclusive to Apple products, the GiveBack program is open to a wide-variety of names including Samsung, Sony, HTC and more. Apple GiveBack available for all devices including smartphones, tablets, computers, watches and even music players.


    1. Apple Stores


    Although Apple GiveBack is open to all devices regardless of age and brand, there are some limitations to the rewards that will be given. The newer devices are much more likely to receive credit towards the Apple store than older, damaged products. Apple also puts more value on the features of the device. For example, an iPhone 6 16GB will be more valuable than an iPhone 6 8GB. Some devices depending on their age and working condition aren’t even available to participate in the program. However, Apple still provides customers with a solution as all certified Apple stores offer free device recycling. No matter what type of device, brand, age or condition, Apple will recycle the device for no charge.


    1. Charity


    For those not looking to make a quick payday from their older devices can always consider charity. There are countless charities throughout the United Kingdom that would love to have more electronics to provide to those in need. After all, most charities are stuck with the leftovers that people don’t want. This usually includes old clothes and furniture. Charities and those receiving goods from them will be happy to see an influx of gently used electronics. There is no official organization accepting devices for charity, but you can always contact the nearest non-for-profit and see how they can help. These organizations only take devices that are still functional and don’t have too much damage.


    1. Recycle Websites


    There are countless online platforms that recycle smartphones. Some websites even pay cash for some specific models. A quick Google search for ‘UK smartphone recycling’ will yield many different options. Some of the most popular smartphone recycling services include Compare & Recycle, Mazuma, RecycleNow and EnviroFone. All of these platforms are based in the United Kingdom and follow a similar process for smartphone recycling. After choosing a service, users need to type-in the brand and model of their phone. The exact device then needs to be selected from a list of potential matches. For example, ‘ iPhone 6 16GB ‘ is specific and detailed. Choosing the wrong device may end up in a cancellation of the recycling.

    Users need to provide some extra information about the smartphone such as any damage and the age of the device. Most of these recycling services provide same-day payment. It is important to remember that older or damaged smartphones may not receive any payment. These devices may still be recycled for free through many of the online platforms. As of now, these websites only recycle smartphones and not other devices like laptops or tablets.


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