How to Trade In Your Mobile Phone for Cash?


Have you bought a new phone and need to sell your old one? Are you looking for additional cash to purchase that new iPhone? So, how do you sell your apple phone? It is easy. Here is all the information you need to make sure you get the most from your Samsung Galaxy or Huawei phone. Before you sell your Google, OnePlus or Oppo phone, here are a few things you must do.

Prepare the Phone for Sale

Prepare your Sony, LG, HTC, Caterpillar or blackberry for sale by removing all the SIM and SD cards in it. Also, back up all the information on your phone so that the new Apple mobile you buy does not feel weird when you are using it. You must make sure that it comes with all your photos, contacts and other important data. Remember to back up all your passwords so that it allows you to have access to all your apps and websites.

You need to also clean it up so that it looks presentable to the buyer. If the screen is broken, fix it. In case the cover is old, replace it before the sale. Remove lint stuck in the speakers and other areas. Even if it is not new, it needs to look good.

Erase all your personal data from the phone by doing a factory reset. Regardless of whether you are using a Samsung Galaxy, Google, Huawei, Oppo or OnePlus phone, the factory reset can be found in the device’s settings, and it will erase data that was not programmed into it by manufacturers.

Once all this has been done, you phone is ready for sale. So, here are some tips that will help with the actual sale. Understand that you have two options when it comes to selling your Sony, HTC, or LG phone, and these are instant purchasers and online marketplaces.

Instant Purchase Websites

On these sites, you have to describe the condition of your Samsung, Blackberry and caterpillar phone, including its scratches and water damage. The site will then give you an instant quote based on your description and pay for shipping. When you ship, they will test the phone and if it passes their tests, they will pay the full quoted amount.

eBay Instant Sale

eBay is quite similar to gazelle, but they give you four tiers of quality to select from for your mobile. If your iPhone is functional, in good condition and has a charger, they offer desirable amounts for it.

Amazon Electronic Trade-in

Amazon now allows you to trade all your electronics in their store. They give you a free shipping label to put on the box that you package your materials. It also has three tiers of quality check. The site will also offer you desirable amounts for your devices if they are in good condition.

Sell my Mobile

This is a company that helps you sell your mobile phones easily. Of course, the better condition it is in, the more you can sell it for. However, if your phone is in good condition, you will get more for it, which is unlike the case if it is in a bad state.

Reselling your phone today is not a difficult task. There are numerous apps and websites that make the job easier for you. They also give you good value for your device so that you do not feel like you have received the short end of the bargain.


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